LV Ranch

We breed and train the European Style Great Dane. 

All of  our great danes are CKC Registered  of excellent bloodlines. We have imports from Europe.

All have great dispositions and conformation. 

We breed for sound minds and bodies. With awesome temperament, good health and overall soundness and good  conformation.    

Great Dane’s have been in our lives since 2001.

We also breed and train Purebred Friesian horses. All of our are horses are Purebred and Registered.                           Bloodlines are of excellent quality friesians.                                                           

We are truly blessed to have all of these animals  in our lives.

Have a look around and enjoy. Please check back for updates.          

Kind regards,                                                                                                                  

Laurie & Verne Brewster

Earl Grey, Saskatchewan.

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These pictures below are from a few of our clients  that have our Great Danes.

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